A Pop of Pink

There is no denying that my absolute favorite color is pink. I must say that I used to be a bit embarrassed to say it as I would always get a “Ha! Of course you like pink” response. But gone are those days because I couldn’t be more proud to admit it now. 

When it comes to fashion, my philosophy on bold prints and colors is to never wear more than one piece at a time. I’m sure many of you have heard that advice when it comes to leopard prints, or any kind of animal print for that matter. Same goes for bright colors such as our topic for today. One must never overdo anything. In this case, you don’t want to end up looking like Kitty The Pink Lady. (In fairness, however, I have met her once and thought she was a very nice woman.) My personal preference when wearing statement pieces is to make the rest of the outfit all black. See below for some great looks to try!

Remember: subtlety is key, but always make a statement. 


Just a quick and friendly introduction. My sister Nikka and I have been meaning to launch this blog since the new year and we are finally getting to it.

I am currently taking the last class in my final quarter at FIDM and I could not be any more unmotivated. With all of the new information, endless projects, and sleepless nights, this past year has truly sucked the creative juices out of me and I am ready to get back on gear. My sister on the other hand gave birth 5 months ago to beautiful Olivia and just recently went back to work as an accountant for our uncle’s furniture company. There is no question that she could use some of her free time talking about fashion, beauty, makeup, and everything nice! 

This blog is dedicated to our fabulous finds, current obsessions, and just about everything we are drooling over! We look forward to sharing all of that with you.